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Our Four Pillar Strategy

From conversations with many West Hartford residents and business owners, our candidates have developed a four pillar strategy.  These are the items we hear are important to the citizens of West Hartford.

  1. Improve Roads, Transportation and Infrastructure – Help Support Our Local Businesses
  2. Enhance Support of Our Schools
  3. Reduce Crime and Promote Community Safety and Security for Our Neighborhoods
  4. Demand Fiscal Responsibility


Improve Transportation, Roads and Infrastructure – Help Support Our Local Businesses

  • Keep zoning local
  • Allocate budget to improve our local roadways
  • Use town and school buildings more efficiently and effectively
  • Leverage Economic Development Commission to be more proactive
  • Create a long-term vision for transportation and business projects
  • Treat businesses in town more equally – not based on zones
  • Improve parking for business customers, employers and employees
  • Ensure property taxes are treated equally for businesses
  • Complete cycling development plan
  • Provide separate fund to handle MDC sewer/water issues


Enhance Support of Our Schools

  • Get schools back to the basics of teaching Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
  • Develop a long-term vision with a focus on building improvement and better technology
  • Ensure limited and one-time federal funds are spent responsibly
  • Teach Equality not Equity
  • Keep both high schools intact and keep their names


Reduce Crime and Promote Community Safety and Security for Our Neighborhoods

  • Support Police with the appropriate resources to reduce crime
  • Encourage development of community policing
  • Enact ordinances and guidelines that address aggressive panhandling/vandalism/littering/loitering/carjacking/violent crime
  • Reinstate the town parking ban
  • No marijuana sales and no use in any area where minors may be present
  • Allocate resources to DPW to maintain parks, sports fields and safe sidewalks


Demand Fiscal Responsibility

  • Develop property tax structure that is fair and equal to all residents
  • Protect the town from adding new debt
  • Don’t just provide “affordable” housing – make housing more affordable
  • Enact solutions that eliminate West Hartford’s pension obligations


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