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 Pictured from left to right, Dr. Gayle Harris, Alberto Cortes, Mary Fay, Mark Zydanowicz 



 We've just added a "Photos" section at the bottom of our website.  Check it out!  On September 12, 2021 some of our candidates attended the St. Timothy's/St. Thomas the Apostle Church annual "Parish Picnic."  There were over 300 attendees at the event and our candidates had the opportunity to meet and greet with many of them.  We've included a photo collage of the event so, take a look!


Welcome to the West Hartford Republican Candidates

2021 Municipal Election Website

This is the official website for the 2021 Municipal Campaign for the West Hartford Republican Candidates running for West Hartford Town Council and the West Hartford Board of Education.

On this site, you can find out more information about the candidates, donate to the campaign, volunteer for the campaign and learn more about what our candidates stand for and their overall platform strategy for West Hartford.

Only Vote Row B

Please remember - ONLY VOTE ROW B - for your Republican Candidates on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, 2021.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  In West Hartford, you can vote for up to 6 candidates for Town Council but if you want our Republican candidates to win seats on the Town Council, it is important you only vote for our three  candidates, which will be on Row B - Mary Fay, Mark Zydanowicz and Alberto Cortes.  Using your other three votes on non-Republican candidates could prevent our Republican candidates from winning a seat on the Town Council.

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